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It's a G thang

White Nike Air Max 1 G Golf Shoe
Nike Air Max 1 G Golf Shoe

For several years now, Nike Golf have been introducing some of their most iconic sneaker silhouettes into golf footwear to great effect. Their re-mastering of styles such as the Roshe, the Flyknit Racer and some of the best Air Jordan shoes have all been incredibly well received and now, we're very excited to reveal the next chapter in the Nike Golf footwear story. Introducing the style we've all been waiting for...the Nike Air Max 1G.

This brand new spikeless Nike golf shoe blends all of the signature Air Max 1 details with golf specific footwear technologies to produce an almost identical replication for the links.

The iconic AM1 sneaker silhouette has been adopted in its entirety which helps to recreate a very similar look and feel throughout the whole upper. The new design also means that the Air Max 1 G is one of the very first Nike Golf shoes to feature a visible "Air Max Unit" at the heel - helping to complete the OG aesthetic perfectly. Long term followers of Nike Golf & Golfposer might recall a previous attempt at an "Air Max inspired" golf shoe from three years ago; but it was this iconic air bubble whose presence was sorely missing that time around.

When it comes to performance, this cushioning heel unit combines with the full length Phylon foam at the midsole for extreme comfort all day long. The spikeless rubber outsole is soft yet durable enough to wear on any terrain, while the pattern has been inspired by Nike's integrated traction technology for reliable grip and stability throughout your swing. The Nike Air Max 1 G shoes also boast a one year waterproof warranty for added peace of mind.

The sneakerheads among us will know all about the incredible day-to-day comfort that an Air Max 1 sneaker provides and you can be sure that this golf specific version will provide the very same.



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