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There are many factors that go into making putts, and there are thousands of putters and putting styles that will get the ball into the hole. The key is can you repeat your stroke and style every time you are on the green for 18 holes?

What we really are looking for in our putting is stability. If we are sure and confident over the putts and the putter does the same thing on every stroke, then our putting should improve… or at least remain a solid part of our game.

The Nike Method Converge Counterflex Putter is all about stability in your short stroke.

Counterbalance putters are kind of the current "it" product since the anchoring ban went into effect. Just about every putter company is trying to figure out a way to give golfers the benefits of anchoring without actually having to hold the putter to the body.

Counterbalancing is one way to have extra weight near the hands to offset the heavier head, thus giving more stability to the putting stroke. The Nike Method Converge Counterflex S1-12 putter takes that to the ultimate adjustability level.

Let's start at the hands and work our way down the putter. The Counterflex is produced with a unique adjustable weight inside the grip. There is a screw top that allows you to slide the counterweight out of the grip, you can then move the 75grams of weight either above your hands, in your hands or below your hands. Each adjustment makes a noticeable feel and change to the putter. I'm an above the hands guy, I like the full amount of weight above the hands to really help with a pendulum stroke, having the ability to shift that weight made a real difference to the feeling in resulting putts.

The grip itself is a large taperless grip that has a very nice and soft feel, I don't understand the colour choice since the putter head is red, but other than the strange colour combo, I really like how the grip felt in my hands in terms of size and touch.

A side note about these grips is that you can't use your stat tracking devices with these because there is no grip hole to insert the usual screw in tracking sensor.

The additional length on the Nike Converge Counterflex putter is something I've come to like. While I'm a 34" in regular putter user, the 37-38" putters work well too, just grab them at 34" point and putt like normal.

The S1-12 model we received from Nike is a big mallet at the end of the double bend shaft. It is face balanced so better suited for a "straight-back/straight-through" putting style. It has ample weight on the sole and has a fair amount around the back rim, making it very stable. The long red alignment line was very easy to use, for the speedy putter it’s easy to just set behind the ball and line up quickly. There was no adjustment time needed to use this putter.

Nike continues to employ some form of Method putter face in all their putters. This is the newest version with a RZN groove insert to give it a firm feel with consistent roll. I have always putted with forward roll technology putters, this new insert offers very good feel and excellent touch on every distance of putt.

If you are a player that leaves putts short, this might be the perfect solution to your putting woes. There is quite a lot of back weight behind the head, which means that the weight passes through the ball later in your stroke meaning the ball is hit (usually) with a little more speed than with an ansel or blade style putter

The Nike Method Converge Counterflex S1-12 Putter has all the technology and features of one of the most stable putters we’ve ever used. It offers a good firm feel, adjustable counter-balance, a very nice grip, an easy alignment aid and puts a great roll on the ball. If you are a mallet putter or leave too many putts short, this model is perfect for you.

The Nike Method Converge Counterflex Putter will help you dial in your stroke and bring some stability to your putting.

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