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Jordan Spieth's Fitness coach - Damon Goaddard
Jordan Spieth's Fitness coach - Damon Goaddard

Rory, Jordan, Dustin and Henrik have proved that ripped abs and a killer golf game go hand-in-hand, but it’s not just the Pro’s that need to stay in shape. Even us weekend hackers know that in order to lower your handicap, you need to get in shape, we just don’t all want to do it.

However, you can’t just do any work out. You need to specifically target the muscles you use on the course while recreating the way you use them. That’s why when I coach Major winner Jordan Spieth we aim to focus his muscles so he ca “unleash his swing”.

While the following program won’t replace practising your drive or short game, it’ll enhance your overall performance through increased endurance and enhanced movement.


By working on the suppleness and growth of the specific muscle sets in your golf game you’ll improve your dynamic flexibility, which is necessary for more range in your swing. You’ll build greater acceleration and force—and prevent early deceleration—of your club head, which can improve the distance of your drives. And you’ll build a more stable base, which helps you control your swing and leads to better consistency.

Jordan Spieth building his golf platform.

Now we know that not everyone who reads GF is a “5 times a week at the gym” kinda golfer and some of these exercises might feel totally unfamiliar, but they all leverage the newest science of strength. For example, many exercises involve an element of deep, diaphragmatic breathing. Researchers discovered that this innovative method teaches you how to control muscle tension that can throw off skilled movements like a golf swing or putt.

Add the below exercises into your gym routine to help you build a solid golf platform.

Swiss ball Russian Twist


Sets: 2-3 Reps: 12-15

Lie back on a Swiss ball, and raise your hips until they’re level with the floor. Cup one hand over the other, and extend your arms straight over your chest. Twist your torso to one side, and then the other while keeping your balance.


Sets: 2-3 Reps: 15-20

Assume the stance you’d use at the tee, and raise one leg off the floor. Keeping your arms extended and straight, and your back flat, rotate your torso to one side and then the other.


Sets: 2-3 Reps: 12-25

Lie on the floor, and rest your legs on a Swiss ball with hips and knees bent 90 degrees. Extend your arms out to your sides with palms down. Dig your feet into the ball, then rotate your hips to one side and touch the floor with your knees. Repeat on the other side. Keep your shoulders down and flat throughout.


Sets: 2-3 Reps: 15-20

Hold a light dumbbell in one hand and stand on the opposite leg. Keeping your lower back in its natural arch, bend forward at the hips to lower the weight as far as you can without losing the arch. Extend your hips to come back up. Complete all your reps on one side, and then repeat on the opposite one.


Sets: 2-3 Reps: 15-20

Lie on your back on the floor, and bend one leg so your foot is close to your butt while the other remains extended. Brace your abs, and drive your foot into the floor to extend your hips and raise them up off the ground. That’s one rep.


Sets: 2-3 Reps: 12-15

Hold a light dumbbell in each hand and lie face down on a Swiss ball. With your thumbs pointing to the ceiling, raise your arms up and outward at a 45-degree angle to make a V. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top. Lower your arms, and then raise them out to your sides, making a T. Lower your arms, and raise them up again with elbows bent so your body forms a W. That’s one rep.

Damon Goddard, PES, CGFI-3 is the founder of AMPD Golf Fitness located in Dallas, Texas. He is the performance coach for a host of PGA, LPGA,, Symetra, Collegiate, and elite level junior golf athletes. He has helped produce the Fed Ex Champion, Masters Champ and US Open Champion Jordan Spieth, PGA POY, POY, PGA ROY, Tour event champions, Collegiate Champions, Junior level champions.

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