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Cobra King PUR Versatile Wedge
Cobra King PUR Versatile Wedge

Cobra have impressed over the last couple years, but this year is the "King". Their line-up of clubs from top to bottom is the best they've ever put out, their wedges are no different; they've taken what they had in the past and made it better.

We’ve always had good performance levels with their "Trusty" line of wedges, but they had a slightly odd look to them. The King wedges look sharp and carry even better performance. Cobra have really dialled these wedges in.

The first thing that sticks out with the Cobra King Wedges is the shape, it’s much smoother and rounder than the previous lines. It sets up better behind the ball with a cleaner leading edge and an overall softer look. They still have the signature notch in the middle of the trailing edge and the large cobra looks cool on the back.

The stamped words of "king" and "cobra" make for a pretty bold look in the bag.

On the course the Cobra King wedges have two main areas where improvements have been made: set-up and feel. As previously mentioned, the new lines give more confidence behind the ball, the second marked improvement is the design of the taller muscle in the back, the Raw 304 Stainless Steel has really softened up the feel of a Cobra wedge.

The Cobra King Wedges offer excellent spin which was found in previous version with a little bit of adjustment you can still make these stop on your mark. It isn't so much about how much spin, it is more about controlling it, to have spin when you want it, and take some off when you don't need it. That is what to appreciate most about the King wedges, the ball does what you want it too.

I went 50, 54 and 58. The 50 served as my gap wedge since the King Pro irons don't have one. The 54 is also somewhat like a gap wedge, just shorter, about 100 yards. I also used it on lower shots that I wanted to run-out when near to the green. The 58 is the do-it-all wedge. I hit sand shots, lob shots, flop shots, chips, pitches and full shots with this wedge. It has performed wonderfully from every lie and location.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor -Cobra King 58* Wedge

· Spin: 9489 rpms

· Launch Angle: 51.4*

· Dispersion: 2.9 yds

· Club Head Speed: 78.7 mph

· Ball Speed: 83.3 mph

· Total Distance: 85.1 yds

· Carry Distance: 83.8 yds

Cobra has an impressive line-up of clubs for 2019. Their King Wedges fit in nicely to every golfers' needs. They have an excellent head shape, offer great performance and feel pretty good.

I know you may not think Cobra for wedges, but I think these are definitely worth a try, I have had great success with them in the bag and they are dialled in to my game.

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