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Titleist AVX Dozen Pack
Titleist AVX Dozen Pack

When the company released the Pro VI in the late 90s, it changed the game of professional golf. Pros instantly started pounding longer drives and hitting their irons farther. 

Titleist's latest release the AVX, is intended to give less skilled, higher handicap golfers the same feel and distance in a comparable ball. It's another top-of-the-line offering and makes Titleist a player in the soft-covered golf ball game. 

The Titleist AVX golf ball is a three-piece ball featuring a unique GRN 41 Urethane cover, which was invented by Titleist and manufactured inside their plant only. It has a high flex casing layer which Titleist claims is the secret to its exceptional distance. 

The 352 tetrahedral catenary dimple design is shallower than the dimple design on the either the Titleist Pro VI or Pro VIx and produces a strong, consistent ball flight in windy conditions. In short, this is the softest, lowest trajectory, lowest spinning Titleist golf ball ever made.

Every golf ball manufacturer claims to be longer and stronger than previous models. But in this case, the description fits as Titleist's new technology has produced a golf ball that flies significantly longer with the irons based on several independent studies in which golfers of all skill levels were tested. 

Results were mixed for most players with the driver but suffice it to say the AVX can hold its spot in the distance conversation. Golfers making the switch from a Pro VI or any of its high-end competitors aren't likely to lose any distance.

Although softer than the Pro VI or Pro VIx (comparable to a Callaway Chrome Soft in feel), the spin numbers on the AVX have been lower across the board in early testing and Titleist is marketing it as such, hoping to appeal to golfers who fight ballooning irons or drivers that soar into the ether and are swallowed by the wind. Of course, the other part of this equation means you'll sacrifice some of the bite and grab required on those delicate shots around the green. 

Titleist ball fitting specialists suggest golfers should test a ball from the green backward, ensuring it will react in a suitable fashion off the putter and on chips and pitches before heading back to the tee to test the distance and accuracy.

It's easy and natural to assume that every golfer who fights an extremely high ball flight and high spin rate should automatically put the AVX golf ball into play. Or that anyone with a handicap of say, 10 or higher, should forego the Pro VI or Pro VIx and move directly toward the AVX as it is designed with the "weaker players" in mind. 

If you're a high spin player who has struggled to find the right mixture of distance and feel, pick up a dozen of the AVX and give them a shot now that golf season is alive and rolling. Some players don't mind a little bounce on their approach shots and prefer the tighter, lower more penetrating flight that allows for slight roll out on the greens. Again, the AVX is probably right up your alley.

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