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The Addington is a course you cannot forget, a top 100 golf course situated no more than 13 miles from the heart of the city.

The course has held numerous professional, junior and amateur championships throughout its time as well as hosting a number of high profile celebrity charity events. This is a real golfer’s course a treat to play and a very good examination of your golfing skills.

The course layout hasn’t changed since its conception over 120 years ago, its designer John Frederick Abercromby was known to be one of the greatest practitioners of the art and was set to become one of the all-time great course designers before his premature death in 1935. The fact this was one of the few courses that he designed and that remains unchanged makes The Addington even more exceptional.

When you arrive at the Addington you are greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere and a club house that is proud of its heritage, as you walk through the hallways of the building you will see the portraits and pictures of some of history’s greatest players spending their professional and personal time enjoying the delights of many of the magnificent holes.

You are well catered for by the shop, it has a good range of brands and styles to choose from in both apparel and equipment.

We had the delight of playing The Addington on a wonderful summer’s day, this only highlighted the beauty of the course and its setting as it looks down on some of London’s greatest sights.

The first hole is a tight uphill par three at 162 yards (from the whites), the pin is usually tucked in to the right hand side of the green a few yards shy of the deep bunker that is waiting to collect your first tee shot of the day. The first hole lets you know that for the rest of your round a well struck tee shot will be rewarded and a loss of accuracy will be punished. The course isn’t overly tight but the layout leaves you playing for positions rather than distance.

The 4th hole at The Addington
The 4th hole at The Addington

The 4th is the hardest hole on the course, it becomes an even tougher test if a westerly wind is blowing. Aim your tee shot up the left half of the fairway unless you’re a big hitter and you can fly it all the way. You need to continue to keep left to navigate the final third of the hole, let the slopes do the work on your third shot to take the ball onto the green. The green itself slopes from back-left to front-right so ideally leave your ball short of the pin for an easier uphill putt.

The ninth is a fantastic hole to play and to walk. The s.i 5 dogleg left is cut through the middle buy a gorge around 100 yards short of the pin. You have to favour the right side of the fairway to avoid the bunker and place your shot confidently in front of the chasm in front of you. Unless the next strike is plush your ball is gone. Cross the old wooden bridge and if you have played the hole well you’ll have a birdie attempt.

The 17th Hole at The Addington
The 17th Hole at The Addington

The 13th and 14th are another pair of beautiful holes, the course winds its way up through the woodland until you are greeted with stunning views of the city. The 17th is another tricky par 3 with lots of potential trouble short and to the left of the green.

The 18th is an uphill par four, a stroke index 8 meaning there is still a test to take you back to the club house. A well struck tee shot required is required here, aim right to avoid the fairway bunker. Success will see you set up nicely for your second shot where you need to need aim to the right of the putting surface as the green gently slopes down to the left.

The clubhouse green fee for a weekday round at the Addington was £90, it is worth it. Even better however is the fact the club does give away a number of its tee times to discount green fee providers and voucher companies, if you’re patient you can find a good deal, we played our rounds for £60.

The 16th at The Addington
The 16th at The Addington

The course is beautifully maintained, its views over London are splendid and after your handshakes are done and you have tipped your hat you should walk to the 19th, purchase a drink and toast John Frederick Abercromby for giving us such a marvellous track on which to play the game we love.

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