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The Taylormade Project (a) golf ball is one of the best golf ball options for mid-level golfers looking for more spin around the greens. This golf ball is designed to behave like a “toned down” tour level golf ball.  It can be compared to the Titleist NXT Tour in terms of both price and performance and features a low compression core.  The low compression rate of 70 is meant to help out golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph, but virtually all of its other characteristics are built for reactionary performance.

This golf ball can be shaped for those looking to work the ball and will maintain high spin rates around the greens.  It is not meant for high-handicap beginners as the spin produced by the urethane cover, core, and mantle will cause the ball to slice or hook if not hit properly.

If you’re looking to take your game from the 90s and high 80s to something lower, this is the golf ball for you.  

This golf ball was created for good golfers looking to play more than a simple distance ball. The Taylormade Project (a) is a three piece golf ball with a low compression core, mantle, and high-performance urethan cover.   It will move from right to left and vice versa when hit properly and will check on the greens.  In designing this golf ball, Taylormade intentionally didn’t focus on purely distance.  With higher performing balls, manufacturers have the luxury of using better materials, and more of them, to increase performance.   That is exactly what Taylor made did here.

The Taylormade Project (a) has a price point that is a bit higher than some of the other best golf balls for amateurs.  This higher price point means that Taylormade has jammed more technology into this golf ball than others.  More tech means more performance.

The Taylormade Project (a) features a high-performance thin urethane cover.  If you’ve read our other reviews, you already know that this means more spin and a softer feel.  Virtually every high-end golf ball features a urethane cover.  This materials is sticky and soft and creates great reaction around the greens.  It one of the reasons this golf ball is so reactive around the greens and with mid and short irons.

The core of the Taylormade Project (a) has a compression rating of 70.  The average tour quality ball typically has a compression rating of 100, so this golf ball has much lower compression.   This is a good thing for golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph.  The lower the compression rating the more distance you will get our of the ball.

Like other balls that can be listed among the best golf balls our there, the mantle of the Taylormade Project (a) is meant to reduce driver spin and increase wedge spin.  The tech of the golf ball makes it react just like a tour ball around the greens.  If you want a comparison, this golf ball will have slightly less spin than a Pro V1x.

The Taylormade Project (a) is one of the best golf balls for all around performance.  It will fly far off of the tee and feel soft due to its low compression.  And it will provide great spin around the greens due to its urethane cover and mantle.  

If you want to take your game from bogey golf to the mid to low 80s, this is the best golf ball for you.

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