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Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter
Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter

Making you more consistent is what the Odyssey Stroke Lab range is designed to do, thanks to a complete rethink of putter weighting and shafts. Odyssey Golf has created this new putter to improve impact and tempo during the putting stroke, this is made possible thanks to a new multi-material shaft.

The engine of this performance, like any golf club, is the shaft, which is a combination of a steel tip and a graphite upper section. This version of the putters contains Multi-Material Shaft which ensures this shaft is a full 40g lighter than a traditional putter shaft.

Odyssey has thrown all their best tech at the face too, with the return of the second generation White Hot Microhinge face insert from the EXO range. This is possible thanks to an elastomer insert, combined with a new stainless steel Microhinge insert with the individual hinges that flex on impact. This technology lifts the ball to produce more topspin for a better roll regardless of your putting stroke.

This incredible putter not only looks great but feels good too, with iconic White Hot sound and feel to give you increased confidence to knock the golf ball in the hole.

To create a new approach to putting the putter needed a profound change in weight distribution. The Stroke Lab putter made this all possible by introducing a Tempo Enhanced design which drastically redistributes weight from head, to shaft, to grip, to improve the golfer`s backswing and stroke through impact and tempo.

It is great to see real innovation in putters and, as an advocate of MOI matching and counterbalancing for years now, it is good to see it moving from the specialised fitters to the masses thanks to the Odyssey Stroke Lab range.

They are a bit more expensive than Odyssey putters have been in the past, but I think it's well worth it.

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