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The Callaway Epic Driver has generated the most talk in 2017.  It started prior to the launch with discussions about new technology that would change the landscape of drivers.  There were rumors that the new Callaway drivers were creating more ball speed than any previous or current model.  Then the launch came and we all learned that the name was Epic, which implies that this club was something special. 

If you follow golf at all, you've now been hearing about the increase of sales making the Callaway Epic as the best selling driver in of the year.  But does hype and figures mean results? 

I have to admit, I've been skeptical of their claims from the beginning (as I am with all companies) only to have them show me this is an EPIC driver.

The big talking point of the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero driver is the "Jail Break" technology.  The name is about the fact that they found away around the USGA's testing model in order to create higher ball speeds off the face.  Think of it as a work-around conventional face/driver technology.  This Jail Break technology was found on accident with the gravity core of the previous GBB model. 

Callaway Jail Break Technology
Callaway Jail Break Technology

They found higher ball speed on the drivers that had the sole and the crown connected.  They didn't know it or plan on it at first, but after experimentation released that the energy was transferred more efficiently to the ball with clubs that had the sole and crown connected.  The GBB Epic driver puts 2 stabilizing bars just behind the face on each side of center to do this.  My FlightScope Xi Tour testing shows that this technology is legit.  I had the highest ball speeds of any driver I've ever tested.

The Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero driver is listed as their lowest spinning driver.  It is a titanium/composite design.  It has the opti-fit adjustable hosel and 2 interchangeable weights on the sole.  While it may not be the lowest spinning driver I have ever hit, the spin is certainly low enough for most stronger golfers to put this in their bag.    The looks are very nice with the black and green clubhead.  The visible carbon on the crown looks cool.  I'm not sure I really like the chevron alignment aid, they used to remove those from the "pro" model, but it isn't distracting either.  The feel of this club  is that Callaway muted composite, yet has this sensation that the ball just rocketed off the face.  It really is a wonderful feeling head.

The biggest shocker of the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver was the forgiveness.  This is clearly a talking point in their promo material, but it was still shocking to see their lowest spinning driver with this new Jail Break technology also offer excellent forgiveness.  I hit the driver decent, not perfect, but can hit upwards of 12 of 14 fairways on any given round.  This driver, ranks up there as one of the more forgiving drivers I've hit.  While I can't say I hit 14 or 14 fairways, but the lack of movement side to side and the consistent distance even if I didn't hit it right on the screws was certainly impressive.

The "stock" shaft is a Fujikura Pro 62 stiff flex shaft that has a great look to it and has been an excellent performer for me in this club as well as others.  If you don't like that, there are numerous "real deal" shaft upgrades free of charge.  Don't over look this Fujikura shaft, it is really stable, has great kick and a good launch with mid to low spin.  But since there are so many options, you should really take advantage of the free fittings all over the country.  You'd also get the change to hit the non-sub-zero Epic too in case that is a better fit.

The Callaway GBB Epic driver has been "EPIC" on the course.  In one round I cracked the 280 barrier 5 drives in a row.  When you are 70 yards past everyone else and in the fairway, it is a pretty cool feeling.  The ball speed numbers translated into very long drives. 

It can be hard for clubs to live up their hype, but the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero driver exceeded my expectations.  It is the real deal when it comes to ball speed.  The fastest balls speeds I've ever hit with a driver.  Jail Break technology is for real and Callaway built a perfect combo of low spin and forgiveness in the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver.  Sure it was Epic hype, and sure they are selling lots of them, but it does offer EPIC performance which is really all that matters.

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