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It’s not every day we get to catch up with a former world No.1 one player, but today we get to do that.

A win was a little out of reach this weekend but a solo 2nd place is a great start to the year, how much momentum does that give you and how positive do you feel about life on tour?

Well it’s all good things obviously. The hardest thing is to manage those expectations as the weeks come now. We’re only 8 weeks out now so obviously it’s the time of year when everybody has Augusta – and building momentum towards it - on their mind. I’m just trying to keep my game at that high level, and not burn myself out beforehand is the trick really.

So coming into The Masters, we are less than 2 months away, what are your expectations?

Obviously it’s an event that is so special to me. Having won it a few years ago and the last couple of years not getting back into contention is a bit frustrating. So this year it’s about putting myself in position and hopefully have the chance to win a green jacket. It’d be amazing to finish my career as a multiple winner of the masters.

I know you said that if you finish your career with only one major you’d be a little bit disappointed. Are the majors really your sole focus at the moment?

Absolutely they are. It’s what everyone plays for. At the end of the day it’s how your career is judged. Right or wrong, that’s how we seem to do it.

I feel like I have been really close in the last 4 or 5 years and have only managed to win one. I’m not getting too old, but I am certainly not getting any younger. So my window for contending week in and week out is a little shorter than it once was, so i’d like to make the most of it now.

Talking of age, we have such a strong young generation coming through, Jordan has always said that you are the player he looked up to growing up. You maybe a little bit older, but you must still feel like you have everything to still be up there with them.

Yes I do. Fortunately my health and body has been good, and I haven’t had to deal with any serious injuries ever. So I feel like I have that going for me at least. And I certainly see the standard of golf is very high from everyone, but I feel like when I am on my game I don’t have anything that should hold me back from competing with the young guys at the moment. But it’s great to see those guys playing so well, so young, pushing everyone along, the standard of golf is so high, the game is in a really great spot.

What will you be doing to put yourself in the best position going into The Masters?

I have really prepared well for the masters the last 4 or 5 years. I’ll be doing similar preparation. I don’t normally play the week or two before, I usually take them off. I’ll go home and work on my game and really get it in a spot where it will stand up to 4 days of the most intense pressure you’ll ever face. And to do that a lot of work needs to go in on the range, a lot on the short game and pitching and putting has to be really confident at the masters to hold up to that sort of pressure.

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